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Title: Lots of us getting to dig into old, unattended hives as of late. Me too!
Post by: Rojodiablo on August 01, 2020, 11:32:57 AM
My friend's family has a few hives, and they had been busy, and not working their hives much, for a considerable time. He said the hives went vicious on him, and his mom, and the bee tender friends who are there (It's like a retreat) are older, and in no way able to deal with the bees....... so come out, and do whatever it takes, whether it's remove them, spank their hiney's, or set fire to them if need be. :P I asked him how long since they had been opened up and checked.......... "Oh, a long time. At least say seven months."

I went in, expecting and prepared for once for a dogfight. They were pretty aggressive, but not insane. I have dealt with quite a few, and am trying to learn the how and why of their aggressiveness at times. And I got it right this time!

Three hives, a single, then a double, then a double. The single wasn't just bearding, it had a good inch and a half of bees all the way around the box. They really needed like 3 boxes. So many bees. I decided to split them, to just take off pressure for the population, and give them new frames to work. Pulled a ton of bees, split up the frames- most the frames were old, and locked together, propylized. Cut stuff up, cleared it out, and reset new frames between old frames. And they settled down, a lot.
Next hive, high numbers, not bad. Just juggled stuff around, and pulled a few frames. Strangely, the entire hive was up top, bottom box was empty comb. No food, no bees, nothing. All ten frames up top loaded.
Last hive...... top box was hell under the lid. They had a separator board under the lid. Glued down, comb under, and op top of the separator. Everything stuck to itself. The entire box, slammed full of bees..... and only 6 frames inside.  :o They built every single inch of the hive shut. Comb on comb, cross comb, burr comb....... a lake of honey falling out of everything. I pried out one big busted section of comb, and the bees got froggy, I took twenty quick hits. So I just scooped the whole box off the top..... 92lb box, and replaced it with a new box with ten frames, and locked them up.
The 3 splits are in my yard, and it looks like they are making it two weeks later.  :D Here's the clogged box, yesterday. They have cleaned it up inside and it's crazy how much they built in there!
Title: Re: Lots of us getting to dig into old, unattended hives as of late. Me too!
Post by: Dirt Rooster on August 03, 2020, 01:31:55 PM
That would have been a fun box to extract.
Title: Re: Lots of us getting to dig into old, unattended hives as of late. Me too!
Post by: Rojodiablo on August 05, 2020, 01:02:13 AM
So, an update: The splits from the two big hives are on fire. The box in the pic above, I believe I took the queen home on that one. I put a box on top of them (10 frames...... I seen what they do with less!!!  ;D ) And a small feed bottle. They made 4 frames up in a week, and she's laying hard on them!
Center box did not make a queen. I gave them a hot new frame from the big hive, they got their chance........ won't even look for two weeks, let them do their thing.
Third box, successfully made a new queen. She's laying eggs, and all is good for now.  8)